CIrculating Tumour DNA in Lung Cancer (CITaDeL): Optimizing Sensitivity and Clinical Utility

Official Title

CIrculating Tumour DNA in Lung Cancer (CITaDeL): Optimizing Sensitivity and Clinical Utility


This is a prospective observation study in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) starting either cytotoxic chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It will assess changes in circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in the days following the initiation of treatment, as well as longitudinal monitoring, to assess the dynamics and value of ctDNA in stage III-IV NSCLC.

Trial Description

Primary Outcome:

  • To measure the change in quantitative ctDNA levels following the initiation of cytotoxic chemotherapy or radiation
  • To identify the timepoint after the initiation of treatment at which the quantified level of ctDNA peaks
  • To detect genetic alterations at the time point of maximal ctDNA that were not present in baseline testing
Secondary Outcome:
  • To identify the proportion of patients that do not have genetic alterations present in baseline samples but have genetic alterations detected at the timepoint of maximal quantified ctDNA
  • To determine the percentage of stage III patients with clinically relevant (targetable or prognostic), at any stage of lung cancer, ctDNA genetic alterations.
The study consists of three cohorts of patients initiating a new treatment for their NSCLC. The cohorts of (1) patients starting concurrent chemotherapy and radiation for stage III NSCLC (2) patients with advanced NSCLC starting cytotoxic chemotherapy (with or without pembrolizumab) (3) patients with advanced NSCLC starting palliative radiation therapy. This study aims to study the changes in ctDNA levels following a new treatment in lung cancer patients and to explore if the diagnostic utility of ctDNA testing is improved immediately following treatment when tumour cells are actively dying. It will also examine the changes in ctDNA levels and mutational analysis longitudinally.

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