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Feasibility Study of Hypoxia and Re-oxygenation Imaging in Pancreatic Cancer Using Positron Emission Tomography (PET) With [18F] Fluoroazomycin-arabinoside (FAZA PET) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)


This is a single arm, single centre, investigator initiated study to investigate the use of FAZA-PET in combination with MRI. FAZA is an investigational radiotracer used in PET scans. FAZA PET-MRI will be used to measure hypoxia in up to 20 patients with unresectable, non-metastatic, locally advanced un-resectable pancreatic adenocarcinoma (LAPAC). After each FAZA PET-MRI scan, patients will be followed up via telephone, 48 hours after the imaging session to assure that the procedure was tolerated without side effects. Patients will undergo a FAZA PET-MRI scans before and after their standard of care radiation treatment.

Description de l'essai

Primary Outcome:

  • Tumour Hypoxia

The success of hypoxia-targeted therapies has so far been limited, a fact widely attributed to the absence of a reliable imaging biomarker for hypoxia that could easily be implemented into a routine clinical workflow. A compelling study has found the presence of hypoxia in pancreatic tumours using FAZA-PET imaging. The data derived from this alternative dual-imaging approach can be used to establish a patient-specific perfusion-to-hypoxia mapping, accounting for differences in tumour metabolisms. This technique was recently validated in a pre-clinical FAZA-PET/CE-MRI study of mice with orthotopically-implanted pancreatic patient-derived tumour xenografts.

The purpose of this study is to look for hypoxia in tumours using a PET scan in combination with MRI. The use of PET/MRI scans to measure hypoxia may be better and simpler than the approaches used previously. This study will assess whether or not PET/MRI scans can provide useful information about hypoxia in pancreatic cancer. Additionally, a recent study at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre found varying levels of hypoxia in patients with pancreatic tumours, providing a rationale for incorporating hypoxia imaging and patient-specific treatment adaptation into the clinical management of pancreatic cancer.

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